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Training Solutions

When it comes to acquiring the skills for better performance, selecting the right training provider is the first step for clients to reach, and exceed, their goals. Club Assist’s curriculum, customizable learning options, industry expertise, and flexible, end-to-end training solutions promote rapid skill development for clients seeking expanded growth and success with their mobile and fixed-site battery service business.

Club Assist is committed to providing Learning and Development programs that are accessible, engaging, and impactful. Content is developed to build the specialized skill sets needed by Battery Service Technicians, Call Center Agents, and Battery Program Managers. Our mission is to deliver the most relevant, industry-specific training available in North America. Recognizing the diverse needs of the remote workforce, Club Assist employs a comprehensive approach, including traditional classroom training, online courses, webinars, video tutorials, mentoring, and job aids. Club Assist offers both an electronic performance support mobile app, and an online Learning Portal for easy access to on-demand training content.

Where, When and How You Need Us

Our Offerings

Club Assist comes to your facility to offer a variety of Learning and Development engagements onsite. Our ASE-certified Technical Trainers conduct a wide range of introductory through advanced training sessions, assessments, or customized consultation to address the specific training needs of your business.

Our expanding catalog of online courseware is accessible via a mobile-ready platform, available 24/7. Club Assist offers online courses focusing on all areas of Learning and Development needs for your mobile or fixed-site battery service business. Content includes training for Call Center Agents, Battery Service Technicians, and Battery Program Managers with subjects ranging from general automotive battery knowledge, to more advanced technical procedures.

For many people, taking time out of the field to attend a training session is impossible! Club Assist offers a series of webinar workshops that you can access anywhere you have internet. Webinars include seasonal and “hot topic” content, regional and Club-specific user group sessions, and “Ask the Expert” consultations. Sessions are always recorded to be available for playback on your schedule.

Video is quickly becoming the preferred method for training consumption. Video vignettes are short, targeted, and available via any internet-ready device, whenever and wherever training is needed. Club Assist offers a library of both interactive immersive video modules and task-specific video vignette content.

Club Assist offers downloadable and online interactive training materials via the Toolbox mobile app or online Learning Portal. Access a variety of task-specific performance support tools, including Quick Reference Guides, Job Aids, System Lookup Tables, Member Interaction Collateral, useful articles, and case studies.

Developed specifically to support the needs and requirements of Battery Service Technicians at the roadside, the Toolbox mobile app provides ready access to the most current vehicle battery information, training materials, video tutorials, and technical notifications.

Gamification applies gaming designs and concepts to learning in order to make them more engaging and entertaining. Instead of being taught solely through formal courses, individuals learn through competition and gameplay. This creates a more interactive and rewarding learning environment, leading to better learning outcomes, improved workforce performance, and program success.

At Club Assist, our goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences that produce real business results and have a lasting effect on learners. Our in-house Learning and Development team can help to craft training solutions to fit your battery service business’s specific strategic initiatives.

Club Assist offers strategic planning with key business partners to aid in developing learning plans and implementation timelines for your business. Consultation and planning sessions are recommended on an annual basis. These vital evaluations ensure that your training program is taking advantage of relevant training opportunities, while adequately supporting your specific business objectives.