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Winter Inventory Plan

As we move into fall, Club Assist has been working closely with battery manufacturers to create the Winter Inventory Plan for 2021-22, which took effect on Sept. 1, 2021. As freezing temperatures create a surge in battery replacements, Club Assist’s tactical plan helps ensure consistent battery stock for AAA/CAA Club partners.

Last week, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, released its annual winter forecast. With its 80 percent-accurate weather forecasts, they predict “bone-chilling, below-average temperatures” during what they’re calling a “Season of Shivers.” According to Janice Stillman, editor for the 230-year-old publication, this winter could be “one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen in years.”

Winter 2021-22 Strategy

To mitigate a pending surge in battery demand, Club Assist is working with primary, secondary, and tertiary manufacturers whose battery products meet AAA quality requirements and are approved for use in Member vehicles. East Penn Manufacturing remains our primary supplier; we will source supplemental battery stock as needed from Clarios; and Sebang Global Battery will supply additional product should demand exceed what East Penn and Clarios can provide.

COVID-19 restrictions and the global microchip shortage continue to affect the automotive industry’s supply chain. Although battery manufacturing plants are still experiencing decreased productivity, Club Assist’s Winter Inventory Plan provides a strategic approach to mitigate reduced battery production during periods of increased Member demand.

Battery Stock Logistics

We will continue to use the East Penn Manufacturing network to stock our battery product. They will be supplemented by our own network and additional outsourced partners throughout North America.

More Information

For more information on Club Assist’s Winter Inventory Plan, please contact your Club Assist representative.