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EZ Tow Assist Ford Ranger

EZ Tow Assist Launches the EZ Lift Ford Ranger

The journey begins for EZ Tow Assist, Club Assist’s new specialty roadside service vehicle. During the last week of August, two EZ Lifts, modified 2021 Ford Rangers complete with four-wheel drive, were delivered to AAA Western and Central New York. With an upfitted suspension package supplied by Pedder’s Suspension, a co-polymer utility body built by Strong’s Plastics, and the Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT) manufactured by TrailerTeq, EZ Tow Assist transforms service at the roadside. For more than 10 years, these partner companies have built innovative light-service and mobile battery vehicles for our friends in the United Kingdom at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC).

EZ Tow Assist facilitates a “Tow on the Go” model for Clubs and Providers and an “On the Go” culture for Members. The Ford Ranger is transformed into a three-in-one vehicle with full light-service capability, a complete range of batteries, and an RDT. It combines the convenience of a light-service vehicle with the power of a tow truck.

Chris Conrad, Fleet Supervisor for AAA Club Alliance, says of EZ Tow Assist, “If we send a battery truck, and the Member ends up needing a tow, it may take an hour or longer to get a tow truck to them depending on how busy we are. With the RDT, there’s no waiting around for the Member. We can just take care of them right then and there.”

Why choose the three-in-one EZ Tow Assist Ford Ranger?

All-in-One Solution: Light Service, Battery Service, and Towing

  • Increased job opportunities and productivity
  • Parking garage-friendly
  • Reduced operating cost

Lower Fuel Costs

  • Overall operating cost reduction
  • Cost-effective, dual-purpose alternative to a traditional road service vehicle
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Lower cost for fleet
  • Increased scope of work and ability to complete light service 24/7
  • Enhances Member Satisfaction through single-service resolution
  • Save roughly $2,500 per 50 jobs performed

Interested in the EZ Tow Assist Ford Ranger?

Look for more EZ Tow Assist Ford Rangers in early December, as supply becomes available from Ford. EZ Tow assist will also offer a utility body without the RDT. For more information, please email Tee Cambre at