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New Features Added to Toolbox 2.0 Platform

We are pleased to announce new enhancements to the Toolbox 2.0 app platform, including login screen adjustments, vehicle search modifications, changes to the battery search results page, E-Invoicing enhancements, and warranty calculator improvements. Please encourage your Provider network to transition to the latest version of this important battery fitment tool to ensure they stay up to date with new developments.

Toolbox 2.13.0 includes:

Login Screen Adjustment

  • Keyboard no longer overlaps login fields (iOS only)
  • Android update will be complete in 2.14 release of Toolbox 2.0

Vehicle Search Modifications

  • Renamed Fuel Type: Gas/Electric to Hybrid
  • Future updates to Fuel Type names will occur without a need for application update/download

Battery Search Results

  • Vehicle details now show on the top banner of results screen and intermediate page

Warranty Calculator

  • User is now required to enter MM/DD/YYYY to reflect battery installation date more

E-Invoicing Enhancements
Various enhancements to the E-Invoicing module available for those using paperless invoicing:

  • Station Details
    • Added taxation capabilities to Fees
  • Customer Detail Modifications
    • Updated validation messages
    • Option at Club-level to bypass customer detail screen
  • Payment Details Adjustment
    • Updated keyboard type to email layout
  • Replenishment Module Enhancements
    • Improved user interface
General Updates
  • Dynamic price sheet added in hamburger menu
  • Menu now has collapsible sections
  • Display version number to include build number
  • Crash prevention created for Androids attempting multiple VIN scans

Please use the links below to download the latest version of Toolbox 2.0.


Based on feedback from the field, we have extended the Toolbox 1.0 sunset date. Ongoing support is available until further notice. A follow-up announcement will be made when we arrive on an official sunset date with ample time to prepare.

Please submit questions or feedback on Toolbox 2.13.0 to Should you have issues logging in or registering, please contact your Club Assist Regional Account Manager.