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Providers, Technicians, and Members Love E-Invoicing!

Club Assist’s new E-Invoicing feature for Toolbox 2.0 has entered its final test phase with multiple Battery Service Providers in the U.S. We anticipate that it will be made available to all AAA/CAA Clubs by early summer. Providers and Technicians in test markets have provided very positive feedback about the ease with which they can automate the invoicing process, saving substantial time for the Member during a battery replacement event. An E-Invoice can be completed in under two minutes, decreasing the Technician’s time filling out paperwork by 80 percent!

“E-Invoicing is a lot better than the old way.”

Christopher Larracuenta, a Technician with Affordable Battery in Sunrise, Florida, began testing E-Invoicing in February. Larracuenta stated that the use of E-Invoicing has significantly reduced his time-on-scene, along with far less paperwork at the end of the day. “E-Invoicing is a lot better than the old way,” Larracuenta commented. “Going paperless is a wonderful idea and saves a lot of time when we are on location. It’s quick and easy to use, and Members have even commented that what we are doing is a great thing for the environment.”

When comparing electronic invoicing to traditional paper invoicing, our research shows that E-Invoicing is substantially more efficient, faster at the roadside, more accurate, and environmentally friendly. Collective feedback from field tests show that Members, Providers, and Technicians are very enthusiastic about E-Invoicing.

What Members Love

✓ Green technology
✓ Emailed invoices don’t get misplaced
✓ Faster service at the roadside

What Providers Love

✓ Innovative, professional invoice
✓ More efficient and time-saving
✓ Better inventory control
✓ Easier to track
✓ No lost, damaged, or hard-to-read handwritten invoices
✓ Permanent digital file of each invoice without scanning

What Technicians Love

✓ Quick and easy to use
✓ Reduced time-on-scene
✓ Less paperwork

E-Invoicing Provider Portal

The Provider Portal on gives Providers access to customizable features to enhance their battery business and the Member experience. Using a secure, private login, Providers have access to:

  • Advanced Reporting
    Generate replenishment reports for each Technician for greater inventory control. Easily track Technician time, battery details, and call information.
  • Customized E-Invoicing
    Customize E-Invoices to reflect local taxes and fees, and include Provider-specific items and services, Technician comments, and a Provider note.
  • Dependable Connectivity
    E-Invoicing will be available through the Toolbox 2.0 app, which operates regardless of connectivity. All information auto-uploads to the Provider Portal on when the Technician returns to an area with Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Paper Invoice Optional

Club Assist will continue to offer paper invoices for those that favor them. However, transitioning to E-Invoicing is strongly recommended.

Club and Member Privacy

Club Assist values a Club’s right to protect Member information and will not store or share any customer information at this time. However, data gathered relating to the battery's warranty, such as the call number, battery SKU, VIN, and the purchase price, will be stored.

For more information on E-Invoicing, please contact your Club Assist Representative.