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TOOL SPOTLIGHT: Club Assist Tool Bag

Are your Battery Service Technicians in need of a tool bag upgrade? The completely redesigned Club Assist tool bag is crafted with Technicians in mind! We took your feedback from the field, and input from Club Assist’s Learning and Development department, to create a more practical carrier for the modern Technician.

Enhanced Updates

Exterior pockets provide easy access to frequently-used items, leaving plenty of room in the main compartment for larger tools, testers, and reset devices. The swing-away handle moves to either side, allowing the Technician unobstructed access to the main compartment.

Thoughtfully Designed Features Include:

• Soft bumper feet on the bottom of the tool bag to reduce wear and tear
• Rigid sides and bottom to easily locate tools and retain structure
• Extra-large pockets on both ends for oversized tools.

This bag is sure to provide quick and clear access to roadside equipment, reducing time on scene and allowing for more efficient use of space.

Order the Club Assist Tool Bag

Please contact for more information or to order the Club Assist Tool Bag.