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Ready, Set, Call: The Call Center Battery Skills Challenge

Call Center Advocates from AAA The Auto Club Group (ACG) put on their headsets and opened the lines for the Call Center Battery Skills Challenge. As the sister competition to the Battery Service Skills Challenge® (BSSC™), five ACG call centers went head-to-head to find the top overall Club Advocate. When you think of AAA Mobile Car Battery Service, most people only think of the Technician at the roadside. But Member service starts long before a Technician arrives onsite. AAA Call Center Advocates are the first touchpoint for most Members, so the phone interaction is critical for proper dispatching and customer satisfaction!

The First of Its Kind

Similar to the BSSC™, the Call Center Battery Skills Challenge invites contestants to showcase their best-in-class battery service knowledge and customer service competency in a call center environment. Judges evaluate the competitors’ technical expertise, triage proficiency, and Member soft skills through mock service calls. Advocates must hit key score card requirements, beginning with greeting a simulated Member, and addressing essential criteria throughout the call. Judges appraise whether competitors ask the right questions to evaluate the Member’s roadside emergency and use correct dispatching codes to send the proper assistance.   

The Competition Results

During Qualification, Advocates showed a 1% - 5% boost of the combined L301 and L302 scores, thereby increasing dispatch accuracy. Qualified Advocates advanced to Regional competitions and culminated with the Finals in November. While each competitor brought their A-game, the best of the best received First, Second, and Third place titles for delivering topnotch battery service assistance, with the overall winner scoring 17 of the possible 20 points. The Club Assist Marketing team looks forward to hosting future Call Center Battery Skills Challenges with more Clubs to shine a spotlight on the critical role of AAA Call Center team member in the AAA Battery Service Program.

Host Your Own Marketing Campaign

Hands-on events are a great way to generate excitement for your team while promoting the AAA Battery Service Program. If you’re interested in hosting a marketing campaign with your Club, like the Call Center Battery Skills Challenge, please contact your Marketing representative today!