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E-Invoicing Coming to Toolbox 2.0 in Spring 2021

As Club Assist continuously works to provide AAA/CAA Club partners with innovative tools and roadside solutions, the Operations team is pleased to announce that E-Invoicing will soon be available on Toolbox 2.0. This capability allows Battery Service Technicians to automate the invoicing process, saving substantial time for the Member during a battery replacement event. In addition to creating a more professional process for Members, Battery Service Providers will experience a number of benefits from E-Invoicing, including:

✓ Reduced Time On-Scene.

A paper invoice takes about ten minutes to complete. An E-Invoice can be completed in under two minutes, decreasing the Technician’s time filling out paperwork by 80 percent!

✓ Improved Record Keeping.

No more lost paper invoices! E-Invoicing creates digital files for every battery sale.

✓ Go Green.

E-Invoicing minimizes paper waste, reducing your Club’s carbon footprint.

Customized E-Invoicing

Battery Service Providers will receive access to a Provider Portal on An easy-to-navigate dashboard provides an overview of the Provider’s battery business, where they can customize E-Invoices to reflect their local taxes and fees. Providers can also create a custom message on E-Invoices!

Dependable Connectivity

E-Invoicing will be available through the Toolbox app, which operates regardless of connectivity. Suppose an E-Invoice is created in an area with no internet connectivity: the invoice will automatically be sent, and the information uploaded to the Provider Portal on when the Technician returns to an area with connectivity.

Paper Invoice Optional

Club Assist will continue to offer paper invoices for those that favor them. However, we strongly recommend Providers transition to E-Invoicing in the field and print a hard copy for their files at the office if they prefer the paper method.

Club Assist values a Club’s right to protect Member information and will not store or share any customer details. However, data gathered relating to the battery's warranty, such as the call number, battery SKU, VIN, and the purchase price, will be retained. Club Assist anticipates launching E-Invoicing on the Toolbox app by late Spring 2021. For more information, please contact your Club Assist Representative.