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E-Invoicing Launches for AAA/CAA Clubs


After six months of intensive field testing, Club Assist is pleased to announce that E-Invoicing launches on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. ​​​Club Assist continuously works to provide our AAA/CAA Club partners with innovative tools and roadside solutions to improve the Member experience. Our research shows that E-Invoices, accessed via the Toolbox app, provide a better invoicing solution for Battery Service Providers, Technicians, and Members. E-Invoices allow AAA/CAA Clubs to provide a professional-quality, digital record for every battery sale. The result is a more efficient, streamlined, and automated approach to invoicing during a battery replacement event. Paper invoices are easy for Members to lose. With E-Invoicing, AAA/CAA Clubs always have a digital copy saved, thereby improving the quality of service offered to Members.

“E-Invoicing is definitely a step to the future for AAA. Its absence of paper allows us to go in and create a database of the invoices, so our Members don’t have to worry about holding onto their paper.”

James Pratt, Battery Service Technician
Western & Central New York

Benefits of E-Invoicing

Based on feedback from Battery Service Providers, Technicians, and Members in test markets, some of the key benefits of E-Invoicing include:

  • Cost Savings: Battery Service Providers save money by not having to purchase paper invoices.

  • Reduced Time On-Scene: A paper invoice takes about ten minutes to complete. E-Invoices can be filled out in under two minutes. It decreases the Technician’s time doing paperwork by 80 percent, significantly reducing time on-scene, resulting in an improved Member experience!

  • Improved Record Keeping: Going paperless eliminates lost, damaged, or hard-to-read handwritten invoices. E-invoices improve record keeping with digital files of every sale.

  • Enhanced Member Perception: Members consider an emailed E-Invoice more professional, innovative, and convenient.

  • Go Green: E-Invoicing minimizes paper waste, reducing your Club’s carbon footprint.

Dependable Connectivity

E-Invoicing is provided through the Toolbox app, which operates regardless of connectivity. If an E-Invoice is created in an area with no internet, it is stored on Toolbox until an area of connectivity is reached. At that time, the E-Invoice is automatically sent, and its information will upload to the Provider’s “My Station” portal on

Club Assist will continue to offer paper invoices for those that favor them. However, we strongly recommend that Clubs encourage all Providers to transition to E-Invoicing.

Get Started With E-Invoicing

E-Invoicing delivers an upgraded experience for Providers, Technicians, and Members. To get started, Clubs must contact their Club Assist Representative to opt in for E-Invoicing. Once a Club elects to integrate E-Invoicing into their AAA/CAA Battery Service Program, Providers will be given access to their personal “My Station” portal on There, they can customize E-Invoices to reflect local taxes and fees, along with products and services sold by their station. Providers can also create custom messages for Members on their E-Invoices.

Customer/Member Information Privacy

Club Assist does not retain or share any customer or Member information. However, we do store information pertaining to the battery’s warranty, such as the ID number, battery SKU, VIN numbers, and purchase price.

Members who wish to keep their email address private will require a paper invoice. For streamlined record keeping, it is recommended that an E-Invoice be generated for the Provider’s station.

For more information, download the E-Invoicing Fact Sheet, or contact your Club Assist Representative to opt in.