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Battery Awareness and Marketing Task Force Puts AAA Batteries Front and Center

For the first time ever, a designated team of AAA marketing experts has come together to form the Battery Awareness and Marketing Task Force (BAMTF), led by AAA National in partnership with the Club Assist Marketing team, to maximize focus on the AAA Mobile Battery Service Program. Sparked by an idea from the Northeastern Clubs Sub-Conference to create a targeted product marketing campaign, the initiative began in 2019 and highlights the convenience of having a AAA Car Battery delivered directly to the Member, and installed at their home or work.

With rollout support from automotive and marketing professionals of the five participating Clubs, campaign deliverables include graphics, photos, videos, and content for Clubs to run on their social media and email platforms. Club Assist’s Marketing team internally coordinated four photo and video shoots to support the efforts.

Who is Involved?

Through AAA National, the Club Assist Marketing team is partnering with AAA Northeast, AAA Western & Central New York, AAA Club Alliance, AAA Pioneer Valley, and AAA Northern New England to develop a product marketing campaign promoting AAA Car Batteries. In contrast with previous campaigns focused solely on AAA service, the BAMTF initiative features the AAA Battery, front and center.

What’s Next?

To gauge the success of the campaign, AAA Consumer Insights conducted a pre-survey from a sample group of Members to identify areas of opportunity, including where the AAA Car Battery should be marketed and the effectiveness of past campaigns. In nine months, following the completion of the three campaigns, Members will be surveyed again to determine performance. The “Installed and Delivered” campaign launches on September 1, and runs for three months. New creative launches for subsequent campaigns on December 1, and March 1, 2021. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new initiative!

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