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Roadside Heroes Adventures

Introducing Justin Tyme

Justin Tyme is a Battery Service Technician. He sees himself as an average guy, just doing his job. But to AAA/CAA Members, he’s a hero…a knight in shining amour, a caped crusader, a Robin Hood, a super sleuth, and a Jedi Warrior, all rolled into one...he's Battery Man!

Follow Justin in “The Adventures of Justin Tyme” as he answers the call of the road, and, just by doing his job, exhibits his “super powers” to stranded motorists.

Justin is a reluctant hero. He cares about getting Members out of sticky situations, and helping people get a fair deal on their batteries. He’s done his research, and now he’s on a mission: to replace all the bad batteries he can with AAA/CAA batteries, because it’s the right thing to do!

Join Justin on his first adventure below, and keep an eye out as he saves the day in future issues of Club Assist's "The Battery Post" newsletter. 

Becoming a Roadside Hero

To learn more about how Battery Service Technicians can be Roadside Heroes to the Members they help, be sure to attend the Battery 101 training session. 

Register now in the Club Assist Learning Portal or contact your Club Assist Representative.

Download the AAA Comic | Download the CAA Comic