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MBC-1000 Tester App Update is a “Game Changer”

In August, Club Assist launched a new app update for the MBC-1000 tester’s user interface. With nearly 4,000 users across the U.S. and Canada, the update showcases development advancements directly resulting from the collaborative partnership between Club Assist and AAA/CAA Clubs. Using Club feedback, Club Assist incorporated numerous enhancements to the MBC-1000 to equip Battery Service Technicians with the information they need to understand the cause of a roadside event and to communicate about it with the Member.

“Our Club partners asked us to add certain features to the MBC-1000 to give Technicians a more robust tester at the roadside,” said Jeremiah Cordovano, Club Assist’s Vice President of Business Change, “The new enhancements, especially the integrated Call ID information and VIN capture tied to the fitment database, are a game changer for our users, and will lead to better interactions with Members at the roadside.”


Joshua Houle, Fleet Operations Manager – Fort Myers Fleet, AAA The Auto Club Group
“The MBC-1000 tester has proven to be a reliable, efficient, and user friend method of providing quick and accurate test results for our members. From reduced equipment size that minimizes work space within the engine compartment, to simplistic test results that provide the necessary information to the Technician and the Member, the MBC-1000 has not only shown to be roadside friendly device for standard battery service, but has also helped our team to adapt and maintain necessary social distancing during these COVID-19 aware times. The use of Bluetooth allows the Technician to test the batteries from a distance when necessary, and also provides options to send test results to the Member in a digital non-contact format. The MBC-1000 meets the demanding challenges of an ever-changing mobile battery industry.”

Christopher Larracuenta, Road Supervisor – Affordable Battery, Station 9086
“Ever since this new tester was given to our station, testing batteries for Members has never been easier. Quick and easy to use. No hassle 20-second tests, with instant results that Members love. Makes our job easier, and faster on-location time because if it. My overall rating is 10/10.”

New upgraded features added to the MBC-1000 elevate the Technician and Member experience:


Correlated Tester and Call Data
Based on field feedback, we have integrated call information into our battery tester application. Tester data and call data from the field now correlate to reduce the number of unmatched calls, giving Clubs and Providers increased visibility into performance at the roadside.

API Integration
If you would like to explore Call ID integration functionality, make a request to your Club Assist representative. Once enabled, the call information will be pulled into the MBC-1000 app using an API integration set up by your Club IT group. Please click the link below to access Call ID process and integration requirements:
Click here to view the Call ID process.


The “Start Test” page of the MBC-1000 app now displays Open Circuit Voltage (OCV). This enhanced feature prompts the Battery Service Technician to ask the Member why the battery may have discharged.



When completing a test on a AAA/CAA battery, the Battery Service Technician can scan the battery's UPC code to populate the correct CCA rating.





In response to Club requests, Club Assist improved the MBC-1000’s VIN capture capability. We also added upgraded features to elevate the roadside experience for the Battery Service Technician and the Member. The Club Assist MBC-1000 app now uses vehicle information gathered during a battery service call to improve testing and reporting through VIN Capture, Battery UPC scanning, OCV display, and Call ID integration.

Club Assist strives to provide our AAA/CAA Club partners with testers and battery service solutions which aid Battery Service Technician performance and help facilitate a positive Member experience. This application upgrade reflects the continuous enhancements made to our approved roadside tester solutions in support of Battery Service Technicians at the roadside. Please contact your Club Assist representative for more information, or reach out to Bill Salvatori, Club Assist Product Manager,


For more info, visit the MBC-1000 page at