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Toolbox 2.0 Beta Testing Underway

New Look, New Languages, New Features

Club Assist’s Toolbox platform was introduced to AAA and CAA Clubs in 2015. This powerful resource provides comprehensive fitment information, training resources, how-to videos, Member objection walkthroughs, tester info and technical service bulletins to keep Battery Service Technicians informed at the roadside.

Using Technician feedback, Club Assist has been developing Toolbox 2.0, a new and improved version of the platform which provides a fresh redesigned look, with new features and greater capabilities.

The application is currently in Beta testing, as the form and functionality are fine-tuned. In addition, Toolbox 2.0 will feature updated, more user-friendly screens which have been redesigned with convenience, ease of use, customization capabilities, and the user experience in mind. For example, fitment information will be easier to view, with all resources on one page, and pricing below each available fitment.

Beta testing is scheduled to conclude at the end of February, followed by a field pilot test in March among select Technicians. Toolbox 2.0 is anticipated to roll out in late spring. The current version of Toolbox will be retired in December 2020, allowing ample adoption time for AAA and CAA Clubs to evaluate the app and fully integrate it among Fleets and Providers.

The improved, innovative features of Toolbox 2.0 have been designed to enhance the user experience, increase accuracy, and decrease time-on-scene. The Toolbox application is an essential roadside tool for Battery Service Technicians, provided by Club Assist at no charge to Clubs. The key features include:

VIN Scanning and Decoding
Thanks to expanding technology with mobile phones and tablets, Toolbox 2.0 will have VIN scanning and decoding capabilities to unlock the vehicle’s Make, Model, Year, and Engine, along with any identifier such as Hybrid or fuel type. This feature will aid in reducing time on scene, along with increasing the accuracy of the fitment information provided to the Technician.

Regional Pricing
Toolbox 2.0 will support regional based pricing, including local taxes, down to ZIP code level. It will also be able to display real-time information around battery pricing and warranty calculations.

Expanded Language Capabilities
With an increasing amount of Spanish and French-Canadian speaking users, Toolbox 2.0 will now give the user the ability to change the language application for greater language comprehension. This feature will aid in greater accuracy on scene, as well as providing a better experience for non-English speaking Members.

Expanded Search Options
The original Toolbox application offered a search format that followed the Battery Council International (BCI) standard of Make/Model/Year. Toolbox 2.0 will allow the user to select search preference of either Make/Model/Year OR Year/Make/Model.

Streamlined User Management
Toolbox 2.0 has streamlined app usage and registration efficiency. Battery Service Technicians or Users will have the ability to manage new registrations and access criteria for onboarding and resource management. This is a significant improvement over the previous version of Toolbox which required new users to register through Club Assist’s IT services.

User-Friendly Feedback Portal
Technicians provided valuable feedback on the Toolbox feedback portal, which demonstrated that this function needed significant improvement. The new portal in Toolbox 2.0 will tie into the search criteria to auto-populate vehicle information and provide fitment examples which delivers quick access to what the Technician needs to report. This feature will greatly increase the accuracy of reported feedback, as well as reducing the level of effort required to submit it. Further, Toolbox 2.0 will have support for photos, allowing Technicians to supply images for specific information on battery location, type, or obstacles not seen in Club Assist’s source data.

Tester Integration
Club Assist is continually working to improve our roadside tools. One of the most important tools is the battery tester. With a portfolio of smart testers, app usage is required and key to enabling future development of warranty processes and tester results tracking. Tester integration is part of our expanding roadmap with Toolbox, and a feature we look forward to implementing in the future.

Electronic Invoicing and E-Receipts Integration
After the initial launch, Toolbox 2.0 will receive continuous improvements and updates. The addition of E-invoice/E-receipt capabilities is top priority for the Toolbox development team.

Since its introduction, Toolbox has evolved from a simple battery fitment database, to a critical component for battery service. Club Assist continues to expand the capabilities of its products and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of the unique roadside environment, while working to improve the Member experience.