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EZ-Tow Assist: Pre-Order in February

 EZ-Tow Assist Ford Ranger XL
EZ-Tow Assist Ford Ranger XL

Club Assist’s EZ-Tow Assist vehicle debuted at the 2019 Battery Service Conference in Washington, DC. Dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife” of roadside service vehicles, the Ford Ranger XL and Ford F-250 Super Duty pre-orders begin in February 2020, with deliveries starting in June. The EZ-Tow Assist Ford Transit Van is now available.

Swiss Army Knife of Roadside Service Vehicles
Carrying up to 40 different batteries, an air compressor, light-service tools, roadside jump pack, an EV charger pod to supply extra driving range for our Electric Vehicle drivers, and a Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT) providing towing capability, the EZ-Tow Assist is sourced from the finest materials and leading global expertise.

Feedback and Field Testing
The EZ-Tow Assist Ford Transit Van is undergoing field testing with the AAA Auto Club Alliance fleet in New Jersey, with introductory training taking place in Trenton. Based on feedback from fleet and contractor customers, the Ford Ranger XL and Ford F-250 Super Duty designs are being fine-tuned in the United Kingdom to ensure maximum performance for Battery Service Technicians at the roadside.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, the RDT folds completely into one of three vehicle trim options, and deploys in only two minutes. Ready to transport in just 15 minutes, this EZ-Tow Assist vehicle can deliver cars and small-to-midsize SUVS to a destination within 20 miles.

Watch the EZ-Tow Assist deploy in real time.

Vehicle Trim Options
With three vehicle trim options available – the Ford Transit Van, the Ford F-250 Super Duty, and the Ford Ranger XL, and two models for each trim – select the best fit for your business: fully equipped with the Rapid Deployment Trailer, or the light-service vehicle specific to battery delivery. Complete with the capability to tow, the RDT model reduces and often eliminates the need to dispatch a tow truck, further enhancing and streamlining the Member’s experience. If the Member’s vehicle cannot be fixed onsite, the EZ-Tow Assist provides the capability to deliver the vehicle to their home or a nearby Approved auto repair shop.

EZ-Tow Assist benefits include:

  • Full light-service capability
  • Full range of batteries
  • Flexible in-driver skill set for higher productivity
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • 10+ year lifespan on the utility body and Rapid Deployment Trailer (RDT), reducing whole-life cost

EZ-Tow Assist availability:

  • Ford Transit Van: Now available
  • Ford Ranger XL and Ford F-250 Super Duty:
    Pre-order beginning in February 2020

Contact Tee Cambre at to or 323.420.5305 to order the EZ-Tow Assist and revolutionize your business.