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Toolbox 2.0: What’s Next?

Toolbox 2.0 enhancements are designed to provide Battery Service Technicians with the resources needed to efficiently take care of Members and get them back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. 

Upcoming Enhancements:

With ultimate functionality in mind, the VIN search feature, expected to launch in October 2019, will allow users to scan the VIN of vehicles at the roadside. Scanning the VIN will allow the app to auto-populate Make, Model, Year, and Engine tester fields. This not only reduces time on scene, but also increases the accuracy of the battery fitment!

The current setup populates multiple optional engine fitments, reducing efficiency and increasing the potential for errors when searching for battery fitments. With Toolbox 2.0, the battery is listed in tabular format, with competitor pricing listed on the page, along with all other pertinent information. By displaying critical information on a single page, fewer clicks are required, reducing time on scene and increasing efficiency.

Additional planned enhancements include the ability to scan the battery barcode to automate roadside processes. Features include streamlining warranty situations by ensuring the vehicle battery is paired correctly with the VIN number of the vehicle, reducing both paperwork and time on scene. The feedback feature is also continuously being improved to make it easier to submit your thoughts to help us create the best Toolbox app.

Toolbox Warranty Calculator (Released May 2019):

As you may already know, the highly requested warranty calculator feature is now available on the Toolbox app! We have added shortcuts to this exciting new feature under the main menu, as well as under the fitment results for any given battery.

See screenshots and additional information below for more detail:

Club Assist warrants our AAA/CAA batteries to be free of manufacturing defects for a total of 72 months from the original date of purchase, based on the number of months since original purchase date. All warranties apply only to batteries installed in passenger cars and light trucks.

Pro Rata Warranty:
For batteries purchased on or before
December 31, 2015.

The Pro Rata warranty is applied when a battery fails during months 37-72 following the original date of purchase and will be calculated as follows: 

Months Used
x Cost Per Month
Replacement Cost

Discounted Warranty:
For batteries purchased on or after
January 1, 2016.

Battery will be replaced at a discounted price based on information in the table below: