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President & Chief Executive Officer, North America

John Tutt

As President & CEO of Club Assist North America, John Tutt drives the growth strategy and manages operational relationships with executives and key stakeholders within the AAA/CAA Club landscape.

With 20 years in the automotive services industry, John operates at both a strategic and operational level, demonstrating a successful track record in delivering substantial business growth, exceptional customer service, and gainful results. As the leader of the Preferred Service Provider for the AAA/CAA Mobile Battery Service Program, John’s focus is on continuous improvement across the entire end-to-end service delivery chain.

After joining Club Assist as Vice President of Auto Glass in Melbourne, Australia in 2008, John was later named Executive Vice President of Club Assist North America in 2013. In the fall of 2017, he was appointed President & CEO of Club Assist’s North American region. John currently serves on four Boards of Directors, representing Club Assist Joint Venture businesses.